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We are unabashedly PRIMAL…

We are the unbound CREATRIX…

We are the ferociously heartful GUARDIAN…

We are the blooming breath of LOVE…

We are the impeccable, sovereign QUEEN…

We are ORACLE of the veils…

We are PRIESTESS of the One Heart.




Congratulations, sister, for you have magnetized your way into the rabbit hole of the not-so-secret society Jedi-training for emerging embodied feminine masters.

Are you ready to begin your journey, fellow courageous devotee of the One Heart? Take a second to breathe into and feel your “YES”… quite a potent magical journey awaits. Consider this your joyful warning that true transformation is imminent.

Omnique Method is a revolutionary bio-mystical technology of alchemical, universal, archetypal feminine embodiment. It is a cauldron for holistic transformation on every dimension of being: physical, psychological, and spiritual. It is a great workout, an accessible daily practice, a meditative inquiry, an invocation for serendipitous opportunity, and a training in the Beauty Way. It is for those who are ready to embrace themselves as Creatrix of their life experience, and are hungry for a coherent, non-religion based tool-belt to support you in your great Quest.

Curious? Look deeper, sister… there is so much to see, and the journey begins NOW…

In devotion,
Monique xx


“Deeply grateful for this precious time within and connected together. Words fall short… amazing… transformative… inspiring. Your facilitation nourishes such a deep calling in my soul~~~ it penetrates to my core and invites my purest essence to come out, lift up, to shake off the control and to infuse with greater beauty and grace. Each class~ a purifying elixir, empowering me to align deeper with my purpose. Sweet sips of fresh awakenings each month, optimizing my life for greater wholeness and newfound strength and softening. This is my life and this work is a perfect crystal to help me to become the woman i have dreamed of, that which I am,
the She I am Re-membering.”
~ Marina Hartnell, Omnique 2016 Initiate
“The Omnique Method is a transformational journey beyond feel good practices. My experience has been one of humility, intimacy, love, and evolution through the various portals opened during practice. Monique is a true Dakini providing a structure to evolve consciousness through movement. I am not same the person that began the journey with her. I have a little less heartache and a lot more light. I’m grateful our paths crossed!”
~ Cindy Madden, Omnique 2016 Initiate





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