“Omnique Oracle” Video Blog 2: Love, Truth, and Gossip…

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What spells are you casting?? Shining light on the shadow dance of GOSSIP... Omnique Oracle: Video Blog #2 (Click HD under Settings to see in High-def)

“Omnique Oracle” Video Blog 1: Does truth *truly* always feel good?

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Throughout my time in the "Goddess" or overarching spiritual "New Age" movement (or whatever other updated title or sub-category you would like to place on it), I have noticed a recurring notion sweeping through the [...]

Rebirth of the Devadasi

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By Monique Trinity Rose Article written for “From the Hip” magazine, December 2015 Issue As the tide turns in the dawn of a new era, we are experiencing the Rebirth of the Devadasi. A [...]

Paradox & Projection: Omnique Method

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