Duality born from Singularity

From the void, the silence, the emptiness of Unity… an impulse arose to experience Other… to look into the mirror, to make distinction, to experience… to feel the magnetism that attracts and repels all things through the wheel of death and rebirth. This initial recurring impulse vibrated the One into Two, which then inherently created the Trinity and the world of time/space.

Magnetism draws and separates… worlds collide into massive, explosive alchemical reconfigurations… form arises, spirals, and transforms… dying and birthing simultaneously… And from this original toroidal dance of duality, self and other, light and shadow, yin and yang, agony and ecstasy… the serpent eating its own tail… From this, the scale of vibrations that is the pantheon of archetype emerges.

One into Two (implying Three) into Many… And the manifest world as we know it, with all its infinite expressions and intonations, is born.



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