Swadisthana (“Dwelling place of the Self”); Sacral

In a world of television programming and prescription drugs, can you still source the authentic impulse of your own unique creative power? In a world where we are given options of A/B/C or D, can you feel your own voice found in the unspoken domain of the space between? Have you allowed yourself to feel the sometimes overwhelming, sometimes threatening sensations of new life being born through you, and the part of you that must die in order for this birth to be realized? Have you surrendered so deeply to this divinely guided unfolding that you can dance in the lila, frolic in the flowers of your own inner landscape, play in the chaos of your own unadulterated expression of the eternal becoming?

The Creatrix is so completely merged with her fractal truth in the hall of mirrors that she takes FULL responsibility for the creation of her world. She is so utterly aware of her role as dreamer of the dream that she knows the infinite possibility of existence and can mold her reality in accordance to her own divine Will. She knows that love is the law, love under will (93), and that her thoughts have the power to move mountains. In this knowledge she is fully present, she is playfully inquisitive, she considers all dimensions of the truth of the Now, and acts in accordance to none other than this ever-changing inner truth/power. She does not wait for permission, does not look for approval, does not sway by criticism, and never blames anyone or anything in the perfection of the dance.

The Creatrix is the primal Shakti force of life unfolding into realized manifestation. She is innately tapped into the starseed portal of her own womb and of creation itself. She is the oceans, she is the flowing blood in our veins. She is birthing every moment of her life, and her very being itself, into art. And in this, she indulges in the play, the levity of it all from the bird’s eye view. She knows there are no mistakes, but only valuable lessons in contrast. She explores her own creative potential, her own innocent sensuality that births the depths of her pleasure. She can express the beauty of her sexuality without the confusion of guilt or shame.

As we evoke her qualities within us, we remember that there is never any need for comparison or competition due to the infinite nature of the universe. We can know and celebrate our own unique voice, and equally celebrate the beauty and voice of our sisters. We can dance through life in play, joy, and pleasure, following our inspiration into the domain of our dreams. We learn how to celebrate the innate and holy sexuality that exists within ourselves, our children, our grandparents, and all beings. And in this dynamic perfectly-imperfect world, we can also learn how to dance with her “Dynamic Allies” in grace and appreciation of their wisdom. We see when we react into the impulse to control the “external” world, or jump from one thought to the next without seeing any of them through. We see when we repress by restraining our creative impulse, then comparing ourselves to others and feeling the depression created from this constriction. All valuable experiences to consciously witness in this dance of contrast, this pendulum swing of life…

Creatrix is the divine lila embodied, both the Great Mother and the Divine Child. She is the creator and the creation, the artist and the art. And in this act of conscious creation, there are no apologies necessary.

So lets stop and smell the roses, dance them over our skin, and alchemize them through our unique beings into our own particular sweet perfume of this one, blessed, vibrant life!

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