Monique Trinity Rose
Founder, Creatrix, and Facilitator
Monique is a seeker and visionary, muse of the Mystery, creatrix, temple dancer, serpent priestess, shamanic guide, paraglider, mother, lover, philosopher, and devotee of Truth. She has a BA in Theatre and Dance, is a certified hatha yoga instructor, a graduate of the 13 Moon Mystery School, and is a respected pioneer in the realm of Modern Temple Dance fusion arts. As steward of the Dakini Rose Temple in Southern Oregon, she teaches ongoing classes and workshops locally and abroad, is director and choreographer of the Dakini Rose Devadasi modern temple dance company, performs as a solo artist around the world, and is now focusing her energies on the distillation of her life’s work into the alchemical embodiment system that is the Omnique Method.
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Dance bio:
Monique Trinity Rose is a passionate dancer of the heart who has always found one outlet or another to express and release her inner workings through movement of the body. Her dance is both designed and improvisational, allowing her to be completely present and authentically interact with the music as it occurs in each unique moment of life. Music is a dancer’s pulse and her highest muse, and in the purest of moments, they become one. With right intention and awareness, our human dance can be ritual, mudra, meditation, and healing magic.

A lifelong devotee to dance, Monique has spent much of her life from early childhood intensively studying various dance and movement modalities. Beginning in childhood with techniques of the West such as Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, and Hip-Hop, and later in life exploring the East through various classical and folkloric world dances, yoga, chi-gong, martial arts, and tantra. She has a BA in Theatre and Dance from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, is a certified hatha yoga instructor through Yoga Works in Santa Monica, and has attended training retreats in Bhakti yoga/Kirtan, Vipassana Meditation, Tantra. and archetypal Priestessing through hosting her mentor Ariel Spilsbury at her home temple. With an intense hunger for knowledge, Monique continues to expand her vocabulary of practices in order to best serve those around her and her own path of self-discovery. This path has led her into passionate servitude to the god-dess and empowered conscious living, in order to restore balance within and throughout existence.

Although largely self-taught, Monique began studying bellydance after a magical turn of events brought her to class over a decade ago with a yoga inspired Egyptian bellydancer in Los Angeles. From there she moved to San Francisco’s Bay Area to study at Sulhaila Salimpour’s school, Fat Chance Bellydance, with Tribal Fusion pioneer Frederique, and various other pioneers of the Tribal Fusion Bellydance movement (including more recently studying with Rachel Brice in her 8 Elements format). Monique continues to expand her knowledge of Middle Eastern and Gypsy dance history and forms, while fusing this knowledge into her own individual artistic voice and transmission. Since 2012 Monique found her way into a deep, heartfelt study and practice of the Classical Indian Dance form, Odissi, leading her into piligrimage in India to deepen in the form and immerse in the culture.

Monique is currently primarily located in the progressive, conscious, and art saturated town that is Ashland/Talent, Oregon. Here she performs, teaches workshops, and offers weekly Yoga and Temple Fusion Bellydance classes, as well as her monthly Omnique Method workshops. She serves as Executive Director and Priestess of the Dakini Rose Ministries, Temple & Gardens, as well as being Visionary and Artistic Director of the revolutionary Modern Temple Dance company, the Dakini Rose Devadasi.

Monique strives to ever integrate her passions and wisdom, creating a life of Truth and celebration, and balancing all dimensions of her being into a full-spectrum expression of service to the One Heart.
Manuel Matsya
(Music Alchemist/DJ)

Matsya has been involved from the ground up with festivals and events for a decade now. He has been playing Dj sets at yearly meetings such as Shambhala Music Festival, Diversity Festival, Luminosity Gathering, Motion Notion, The Field etc..

He is now an event curator and promoter with noticeable recent events such as Living Spheres, Inflorescence, Mythodical and Silhouette, some of “ A Sound Tasting Room” ’s production. Matsya lives on Salt Spring Island, Djs, facilitates contact improvisation and grow food.

Matsya’s love of getting his hands in the earth seems to go in hand with his innate skill at digging up of musical gems. His timely selections, diversity in tempos, variance in styles and shades from complete darkness to blindingly light is what makes Matsya’s sets unique and tastefully unpredictable. From atmospheric ambience to current beat and sound design, Matsya’s refined palette does not go unnoticed.