In Gratitude & Devotion…

I feel immense gratitude for the infinite myriad of forms, experiences, and beings through which the Divine teaches me and orchestrates my evolution.

Thank you Gaia and the stunningly diverse elementals and beings that comprise your majesty. Thank you for your wisdom, your ineffable Beauty, your unparalleled inspiration and resilience.

Thank you to my family… My parents for your unending love, support, guidance, and trust. My daughter for being the light of my life, my beacon, my anchor, my heart embodied. Thank you my beloved, Destino, for inspiring me into my highest emanation, supporting and nurturing me, and for awakening ever deeper realizations of my love.

Thank you my beautiful serpent companion and animal guide, Angelique Ferrocia, as well as Pythia, Medusa, Athena, and Artemis… The Dakini Rose temple serpents that taught me of life and death, of the nature of Shakti, of non-duality, of the power of symbol, and the truth of myself. Thank you my sweet, magical wolf companion and guardian, Kleotara Rose, for finding me and walking this life by my side.

Thank you faery God-mother Sylverleaf for your love and clear vision, for always trusting in my highest intention, for your service to the Dakini Rose Gardens, and for being the most inspiring real life witchy-poo I have ever known. You are family forever… I love you.

Thank you my second faery God-mother, teacher, and mentor, Ariel Spilsbury, the 13 moon community, and the Sanctuary of the Open Heart. Thank you Ariel for opening the portal, for shining so bright, for your innocent and deep wisdom, your humor, your trust, your guidance. You are a legend of Light. I love you eternally.

Thank you my mentor, my friend, my inspiration in artful priestessing, Sharron Rose. Thank you for opening the gateway for Guardian. For always seeing me. For sharing your wisdom with me. For simply being who you are and devoting your life to the realization of Beauty. Deep bows.

Thank you dear brother and Priest, Merrill Ward, for being one of the most tremendous influences of my life spanning the realms of deep esoteric wisdom, to practical life manifestation. I effing love you eternally!!! Because of you, I will never forget to surrender completely, and always remember to Breathe.

Thank you lady Graell Corsini, sister Jumana Sophia, and the Goddess Temple of Ashland for being one of my gateways and precious home temples.

Thank you Rachel Brice and the 8 Elements of Bellydance, Colleena Shakti and the Shakti school of Dance, Zoe Jakes, Sioux Lehner, Jacqui Lalita, Ruth Rhiannon, Halo Seronko, Tenley Wallace, Emily Alrick, and countless of my other dance teachers, collaborators, and muses throughout my life.

Thank you my priestess sisters of courageous alchemy! Thank you devadasi dance sisters of the Beauty Way!

Thank you all my amazing students and friends, supporters and magic makers of the Dakini Rose Temple, Rebirth of the Devadasi, and the Dakini Rose Devadasi dance company. Deep bows to dear brother Solus for building the Dakini Rose Gardens with me and offering 4 years of love and service.

Walkers on the path, friends of old and new, lion-hearted seekers, lovers and magic makers… Thank you for playing your role. A dove from my heart.

Monique xx

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