I LOVE Omnique!! I love the places it pushes me to & allows me fill. I love that perfect edge that Monique is able to maintain with her awesome leadership. I love using dance as a medium for archetypal embodiment, prayer & moving energy, and Monique’s Omnique Method is uniquely that! Way more than a “class,” dancing Omnique is a profound, fun, magical, inspiring, activating, empowering journey. And the music is amazingly delicious too… ūüėČ
Xochi Ray
Monique – my journey following your remembering has been the most incredible undercurrent of my year. What a gift you have birthed. Deep gratitude and humble heart to you and to all the sweet sisters that swam so beautifully together through the Inauguration of the Omnique Method.
Angela VIrola Theodora
The Omnique Method is a transformational journey beyond feel good practices. My experience has been one of humility, intimacy, love, and evolution through the various portals opened during practice. Monique is a true Dakini providing a structure to evolve consciousness through movement. I am not same the person that began the journey with her. I have a little less heartache and a lot more light. I’m grateful our paths crossed!

Cindy Madden
The Omnique Method Lover module was a transformative journey through tenderness and vigor. I am enormously inspired by Monique’s ability to elevate our movement practices into devotion, to intentionally work within the realm of energy and utilize body and movement in connecting with spirit. The realm of The Lover was especially tender and emotional for all in the class and Monique created an amazing channel for the matters of our hearts to flow through to completion. The movement/ yoga was challenging yet very well paced that I ended the class feeling thoroughly worked out and invigorated. The dance was fun, exciting, and supported our journey. Monique has created an experience that it so truly unique and DEEP. I highly recommend this work for any woman wanting to move through old patterns through the fires of transformation.
Amanda Higgins
I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed; the enjoyment of dance taken to a deeper level, an embodiment that touches our deep, often hidden, nature. The container for exploration was masterfully held and a perfect balance of mythological themes where woven pleasingly throughout the embodiment piece. All in all the experience was simultaneously engaging and thrilling!

What follows here is a short piece I wrote after attending a workshop in the Omique Primal series:
‚ÄúThis is dance. The original primordial flow of raw life-force energy as it becomes shaped and kindled and courted into the physical body – to dance through the knots of pleasure and pain we hide in our bony fleshy body-suits. We are spirits merged with the physical form. We ARE our bodies — for as long as we are in it. Our senses collect information, filtered though the maze of belief systems eventuating in our expression of reality, our belief of what truth is, our belief of what is real. Inevitably we come a place, a sharp intake of breath, a cringe under the knife of own judgment, a wounding that is suspended in time-space, a distant event resonant through our body memory – to this moment, an bioelelectrical dynamic crystalline pattern of water that houses an emotion, connected to a subconscious belief. In exposing the roots of restraint and limitation, that which we enforce on ourselves daily — we begin the journey into self. These are the edges we gently expand into when we truly dance with our being.‚ÄĚ

Kat Van Rooyen
Deeply grateful for this precious time within and connected together. Words fall short… amazing… transformative… inspiring. Your facilitation nourishes such a deep calling in my soul~~~ it penetrates to my core and invites my purest essence to come out, lift up, to shake off the control and to infuse with greater beauty and grace. Each class~ a purifying elixir, empowering me to align deeper with my purpose. Sweet sips of fresh awakenings each month, optimizing my life for greater wholeness and newfound strength and softening. This is my life and this work is a perfect crystal to help me to become the woman i have dreamed of, that which I am, the She I am Re-membering.
Marina Hartnell
Oh my goddess what a juicy and fiery experience! I have no doubt that this work is transforming our relationships and our lives. Deepest gratitude for the collective sisterhood that informs us, mama Gaia and her predecessors. Monique Trinity Rose, you are but a diamond in the rough.
Zhavanya Leib
I stepped into this workshop series during Primal‚Ķ I was invited into the space with a sense of deep presence, and entered into one of the absolute deepest forms of embodiment and profound ritual as we journeyed into mythological realms touching spirit while simultaneously moving deep into our bodies. This masterfully held container was impeccable and woven together with brilliance, transforming my life within just a couple hours. Allowing me to call forth the fires of my core and listen and ride the waters of my spirit as my capacity to house more spirit, more life, and vitality within my being was increased as I moved through resistance and stepped into more of who I am‚Ķ Tapping into some of the deepest places within my being as I am invited to call forth the wild, the cosmic, the human and the divine within me‚Ķ Scaling the spectrums of existence as we invoke the mythological archetypes that reside within the human consciousness and lie dormant within our psyches waiting for the chance to dance their dance of evolution through us as we move into deeper places within us‚Ķ Traversing the landscapes of our bodies that hold these imprinted codes within our DNA, that sings the song of ancestral stories both known and unknown as our hearts emanate this vibratory field that becomes a whole world projected upon our reality‚Ķ All of us, whole universes unto ourselves come together within this masterfully held container to invoke these universal archetypes to share the keys that initiate the unlocking of our own gates that move us deeper into a place of remembrance. As we allow the veils of our consciousness to be seen, to be felt, and to fall away, we keep dancing‚Ķ We move, we sweat, we sigh as we tap into places that feel so sooo good and we cry and growl as we feel the feelings, those of pain and of ecstasy‚Ķ the spectrum of our being behind to unfold and unfurl as liberation of stagnation and stuck emotions that are woven in tightly held belief systems begin to unravel‚Ķ as we open ourselves to what lies on the other side of these gates‚Ķ as we go deeper within. Monique masterfully guides us into the most embodied activating forms of ritual and movement, unlocking the power, the potency, of our own expressions of women. Carnal, wild, vulnerable, open, fiercely graceful. We move through the gates of our own judgments, all that has held us from living fully embodied, in full acceptance of the carnal and divine nature of our beings as she weaves forms of ancient ritual, temple dance, internal and external martial arts. She is an absolute master, brilliantly weaving the ancient arts together, bringing us fully into our bodies and inviting us into these wild and untapped energies within, while simultaneously being fully entranced and embodied herself and holding the most impeccable container I’ve experienced. I have never experience the competence that Monique so easily emanates and just IS. I trust her so fully to invoke and journey into these powerful places within and invoke these powerful energies. Her devotion to bringing spirit fully into the body and preparing her body as a temple to truly house these massively powerful energies is such a teacher in itself. The codes that she is and shares so beautiful with those that are open and ready to receive these teachings is such powerful medicine. I am eternally grateful for the being that she is and all the ways she has taught me on and off the mat. I have been waiting a long time for a form like this to be created‚Ķ. And it’s utterly brilliant in every way.
Arakai Moon