Manipura (“City of Gems”); Solar Plexus

In a world where the feminine has been feared, repressed, and violently dominated, can you feel the necessity of Durga’s discerning sword? In a world where the goddess has forgotten her strength, buried her power, and allowed her children and the Earth herself to be raped and pillaged, can you find the courage to stand powerfully with a piercing “NO” in voice and action, while maintaining unconditionally loving ferocity in heart? Do you remember the beat of Her drum and the fire in Her eyes that would set the world ablaze in the name of Truth?

Through resisting the imbalanced, over-masculinated expression of the Warrior archetype in our modern paradigm, we have forgotten the essential medicine and frequency of the balanced Guardian. The Guardian does not exert power-over, divide and conquer, or destroy unnecessarily, she exerts clear, strong, and mutable boundaries where her intuition dictates and for the benefit of the Whole. Guardian is born from the flowering of Creatrix, just as the beauty and preciousness of the rose implies her thorns. Just as the initiated Mother would swiftly kill or be killed to protect her child, Guardian does not hesitate to stand her ground, and knows she has the power of Creation itself as her foundation.

In the infinite dance with her “Dynamic Allies”, Guardian may sway into her reactive expression, which more closely resembles the imbalanced Warrior archetype that we have seen so prevalently in our world. The protective impulse may be inflamed by fear and become wrath, cruelty, or violent domination. The constructive fires of the Will that reside in this domain of the Solar Plexus may sometimes consume and self-destruct the original impulse through its own attachment and fury. On the other end of the spectrum, when Guardian represses, the intuitive Will may be muted entirely, bringing doubt and uncertainty, slothfulness, and victimization. Here, Guardian becomes prey, and a fair aligned predator will surely be magnetized.

In the infinite unfolding of consciousness, there will always be forces in place to push our boundaries, test our strength and intentions, provide us with the reference point of Contrast birthing the gift of clear Desire, and ultimately assist in our growth by empowering or temporarily disempowering us, depending on how we respond to these forces. The Guardian is alive and well within all things, ready to be realized and draw her sword with centered intention. We as women have played the victim for long enough, and it is now time to restore balance through Her heavenly fires of Will in word and action.

You are duly evoked, dear Guardian, let’s see what you’ve got…

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