Anahata (“Free from Restraint”); Heart

In a world of duality, preference, and judgment, can you access the place of stillness in the heart that beats beyond condition? In a society where children are taught that certain aspects of self are “bad” and certain behaviors are “good”, certain people are inherently “bad” and certain like-minded people are “good”, can you unearth your untouched inner child that dances to the organic pulse of its own unique song of Freedom and intuitive discernment? In a global climate largely riddled with hate, teeming with war, and driven by fear, can you allow the horrors to penetrate you so deeply that your heart breaks wide open to the unconditional love that exists beyond all these things and is our human potential?

The archetype of the Lover is seated in the immeasurable throne of the heart and is the gateway to the realms of the celestial dragons, the angels, and transcendence itself. She emanates the vibration of devotion, presence, and coherency so completely that no “external” force or reflection can waiver her position of clarity. She loves ALL in this wild world beyond condition; she sees through the illusion of the lila and recognizes the essential role and right of every being and every occurrence in this informative experience of contrast. She recognizes that our greatest struggles and adversaries are indeed our greatest teachers… the very Initiators and provocateurs of our expansion into Self, without whom the infinite spiral of existence would cease to turn. And for this, within her, duality dissolves into the realization of the essential unnamable Goodness that is at the root of the Mystery. A Mystery that has no rules or preference, but allows each our own Free Will to be the foundation of this holographic journey, each one of us responsible for its collaborative co-creation through vibration, vision, and word.

The Lover is both Mother and Wife, the white and the red, compassion and passion combined. Her empathic capabilities to feel deeply the entire grid of reality and all the beings therein is within her reach, though accessed only when there is function and Wisdom to be realized in this offering of collective transmutation and service. She also knows how to stay seated in her heart throne while drawing necessary boundaries in preservation of her own source-connected Truth, and in service to the conscious, wise, and willful use of her empathic potential.

In the pendulum swing of life unfolding, the Lover can sometimes dance in the domain of her “Repressive Dynamic Ally”… This repressive form shuts down her heart, looses the ability to feel, and presents itself through coldness, malice, selfishness, and in its extreme expression, Psychosis. On the other end of the pendulum swing, the Lover can sometimes dance into the other gradient extreme that is her “Reactive Dynamic Ally”. This expression enables, over-extends, looses the self, and can fall into debilitating grief and other emotional labyrinths.

In the Lover’s place of Center, heart is open, connection to both self the collective is preserved, creative waters are flowing, the Guardian’s boundaries remain in tact, and heavens earthly gates are opened. The Lover nurtures, feeds, and creates Beauty… The Lover expresses her devotion through every word, movement, and action… The Lover finds beauty in ALL, and is in complete service to the preservation of Truth…. The Lover loves beyond reason and distinction, and through the dynamic gift of both her breast and her sword, offers a vision of Peace.

It’s time to breathe the Lover in…. Breathe her in DEEP… until all we thought we knew, and all we thought we were, dissolves into the immeasurable light of our own hearts. BREATHE.

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