Omnique Method

The Bio-Mystical Technology of Shakti Embodied

The Omnique Method incorporates and extends beyond the realm of fitness, integrates various lineages of yoga and dance, and births a revolutionary, holistic system of embodiment which embraces the fullness of our beings through the tool and temple of our bodies!

It is a practice that creates the opportunity to witness the multi-dimensional facets of our complex womanhood, break this spectrum down into universal archetypes and their associative energy center (chakra), name our own unique expressions of each of these characters, get to know them, play with them, embody them, befriend their “Dynamic Allies”, and generate a place of balance that they can live in harmony with one another. For when peace, acceptance, and understanding of the whole lives within us, it lives in the world.

This multi-dimensional bio-mystical technology is composed of two primary practice components, the “Flows” and “Forms” for each archetype, as well as a variety of supplementary drills and take-home practice companion materials. The “Flows” are high energy hatha yoga, martial arts, and dance based workouts crafted with signature movements and conditioning practices for each archetype. As a life-long trained dancer in Classical Ballet, Odissi Classical Indian Dance, bellydance, hip-hop, and various world dances and yogas, creator and founder of the Omnique Method, Monique Trinity Rose, will guide us through this full-power flow to awaken, strengthen, and activate every cell of our being. We will sweat and burn through stagnant material. We will dance and play together to *delicious* cutting edge music mixes designed specifically for our Omnique Flows by our musical alchemist and DJ, Manuel Matsya. We will courageously explore the areas that challenge us and the aspects of our being that have been forgotten or pushed away.

Once we have been satiated by our Flow series, we can then enter into the “Form” segment of our journey. In this choreographed breath and movement composition, we will receive and dive deeply into each of the original Omnique Method Forms created as a practice to embody the specific energies of each archetype and their “Dynamic Allies” (the “Reactive” and “Repressive” expressions the archetypes present when they have fallen out of centered balance).

The supplementary drills of the format involve Classical Indian dance and yoga based mudras; “Polarity Drills” in which we embody the ability to navigate opposing energies simultaneously, bridging the mind-body connection, the two hemispheres of the brain, and the masculine and feminine energies within us; and various other movement and meditative explorations. With each archetype there are supplementary materials to assist in deepening in the forms through cultivating a home practice and further integrative inquiry. This includes a practice companion video of each Form as well as many of the other supplementary drills, Archetype Profile and Points of Inquiry documents, and integrative conference call and video talks, classes, check-ins, and “Omnique Oracle” video blogs (found on the Blog page). The system is holographic, and each Archetype module can either be experienced individually, or the system can be taken on as an immersive full-spectrum transformational journey through the 8 cycling modules.

Interested in distilling your self-work into a practice that is both a full blown sweaty workout AND transformational psycho-spiritual alchemy? Here it is.
Ready to truly take full responsibility for your life? To stop the blame game and a life in conflict? Ready to heal your relationship to self and other, recognizing there is ultimately no separation between the two? The time is always now, and the power is *only* yours.
Join us as we dance the dance of Woman in all her faces, as we dance our own unique expression of the forces that live within us, as we together as sisters lift each other up into our highest realization, and dance Gaia into peace and harmony.
Welcome sisters, to the Omnique Method sisterhood!