Throughout my time in the “Goddess” or overarching spiritual “New Age” movement (or whatever other updated title or sub-category you would like to place on it), I have noticed a recurring notion sweeping through the collective psyche. The notion that claims:

“You know something is true if it feels good.” or “Truth always feels good.”

Not only do I not resonate with this blanket statement notion, but I actually find it quite a dangerous perspective to adopt and preach. I actually find it to be the antithesis to true spiritual awareness and development, and can quite easily lead to spiritual bypassing, denial, and deepened disfunction.

Omnique Method is based upon the significance of *feeling* and embracing the entirety of our human experience. Diving deep into the shadow realms of our inner landscapes with vulnerable curiosity and reaping the wisdom and jewels found through the alchemy of this conscious illumination… Diving into and through our grief, our repression, our fears, our judgments and projections, integrating and balancing the repressive or reactive aspects of our being, and on the other end coming into a state of self-responsible, empowered wholeness and compassion. And only here, on the flip side of this shadow dance, can we experience the true alchemical bliss of Truth having been illuminated.

After all, with acceptance and surrender, ALL sensations can ultimately be transformed into ecstatic bliss… So lets feel it all, friends! The “good”, the “bad”, the ugly, AND the joyful… as unconditional dynamic Beauty.

Hear more on this in our Omnique Oracle Video Blog: Episode 1 below, and feel free to comment with any reflections. Blessed be!