Ajna (“Austerity”); 3rd eye

In a world where individual insight and character has been shrouded by cultural programming and distorted archetypal role-modeling, can you tap into the infinite, unbound realm of the god-head where worlds are created and absolutely EVERYTHING is possible? In a world saturated by satellite signals, modified foods, polluted waters, radio waves, media consciousness infiltration, and distortion approaching from every angle, can you see beyond the maya into an alternative emerging reality based upon Truth and co-created harmony? Can you visualize, realize, describe, and feel this reality so clearly that your very being resonates its frequency? In a world where our lives are scripted for us, where we are told how to think, when to eat, how to speak, what is right and what is wrong, what is possible and what is just a dream, can you empty out so fully that you may re-write your story, redirect your dance, and attune your song however your soul’s voice emerges in authenticity from the void? Can you feel the freedom, inspiration, passion, and fulfillment that is born through this possibility of re-framing the hologram?! The possibility that we have barely yet touched the immensity and glory of our collective human potential…

The balanced archetype of the Oracle, the visionary, the seer, is born from such a deep empowered knowledge of self rooted in the Queen’s throne, that she has attained the grounded courage necessary to surrender this character of self completely to the vastness of the Mystery. Through this she dissolves into emptiness, becomes nothing and everything at once, transcends time/space itself, and becomes a bridge to other worlds. She sees what is currently appearing, but is not bound or entrapped by this temporary presentment. She sees the web that connects all things, the underlying patterns constructing the nature of cause and effect, and can therefor predict possible unfoldings that emerge from the crossroads. She sees the layers that exist simultaneously and beyond the 3rd dimensional world, and understands how thought and vibration literally create this manifest world. She feels Truth, she sees the matrix and what exists beyond it, and through her cosmic sight can anchor the heavens into flesh.

In the ever in-motion dynamic flow of life, the archetype of Oracle can sometimes pendulum swing into the polarized domains of her Reactive and Repressive “Dynamic Allies” expressions. When her visionary sight is repressed due to fear or conditioning, she can slip into confusion, disenchantment, restlessness, and a fixation on the limited material world. Here the 3rd eye is calcified and muted, and the ability to transcend conditioned reality is diminished or lost completely. On the flip side of the coin, when her oracular capacities are in their reactive state, she can find herself lost in delusion, denial, disassociation to her body/the earth, and a condition of frailness, hypersensitivity, or psychosis. In this domain it becomes difficult to be fluid and grounded in a state of multidimensional awareness, at peace in oneself, and capable of effective integration of the veils traversed. Through this one can loose their way through the labyrinth, and diminish their capacity to anchor a higher vision and potentiality into the manifest world.

When in her center, Oracle can reach to the farthest corners of the infinite universe, then serve as emissary between these worlds, effectively bridging the wisdom and sight gained into service on the earthly plane. She is exceptionally wise and agile, grounded and expansive, a beautiful paradox in form. She is of the Earth and of the Sky, she is beyond classification, labels, or boundaries, she is completely both uniquely herself and the Mystery embodied.

The Oracle exists at various stages of realization within each of us, and the time has come to remove yet further veils into her awakening. She is the essence of Light that exists beyond the eyes, she is a power that is indestructible, she is a wisdom that exists beyond thought… She is you. And she has something extraordinary to show you. Open your eyes…

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