Sahasrara (“Thousand Petalled”); Crown

In a world where the true knowledge and function of the Priest/ess is largely distorted, demonized, and culturally lost, can you find her piercing, impenetrable presence within you? In a world where spirituality has been co-opted by Religion, contorted by dualistic projection and fear, and used as a catalyst for violence and war, can you connect to a source that finds active compassion and understanding for even these very injustices? In a global climate so riddled with ignorance that the Truth is masked with its exact opposite reflection- where goodness is seen as weakness, where Truth is deemed a dangerous lie, where imbalance is viewed as “progressive”, confusion heralded as purpose, cruelty as wisdom, crime as justice, and sickness advertised as health- can you FEEL and serve a Truth that may label you an enemy to those lost in the current programming? Can you speak Truth with love in your heart while the witches pyres are burning, the crowds are shouting for your blood (if only energetically in this lifetime), and the dying throws of a world built on lies is thrashing in its descent? Can you unearth the indestructible courage of the human soul from the wastelands of a world in ruins? Can you still create Beauty in a world that has lost it’s sight? Can you joyfully sacrifice whatever necessary to serve as channel and mid-wife of a new humanity? Can you sit naked on a mountaintop OR lavishly perched on a throne of gems and harvest the same light that exists beyond the seen world?

The Priestess of all-times, of all worlds, of all conditions, exists beyond all temporary presentments, and is a living manifestation of the infinite spectrum of all dimensions. She is not a product of whatever ever-changing state of appearances are currently in the field, but is rooted in a knowledge and connection to the source of all things that is endless in its presence, capacity, and potential. She is nothing and everything at once. She the embodiment of a fierce Grace. She is the hologram itself, a shape-shifter, a bridge between all fractals. She is merely (and tremendously) a channel of divine light and guidance, willing to burn away in the fires of alchemy any part of herself/existence itself that is not in alignment with an illuminated awareness of Oneness. She holds onto no ultimate dogmas, rules, or conditions, but is in a supremely supple, dynamic, and in unpredictable conversation with every unique illusory moment in the spiral dance of the universe. She is the honest requirement of the present moment. She is the paradox that is Truth. She is Liberation choosing this Lila dance for the benefit of all beings. She is the beloved of the Tao. She is wife and Queen of the God-King… AND the God-King himself. She is Saint, Dakini, Prophet, Mother, and Muse. She is Source itself in the beautiful form of the human feminine.

In her eternal dance in and out of form, even Priestess ebbs and flows in the dance with her “Dynamic Allies”. When leaning into her Repressive expression, she can loose clear site of supreme Truth and her role within it, and can get lost in the Maya. In this confusion, she may consider herself a victim to an imbalanced world, may project the source of her experiences onto some force or being outside of herself. And through this projection comes a lack of personal responsibility, a disempowered fear of the mystery and the aspects within it (persecution wound), and even a disease causing hatred in the heart. On the other end of the spectrum in her Reactive state, attachment to dogmas and beliefs can creep in, creating a sense of entitled judgment (which of course is in of itself a distortion of true wisdom). Here she sometimes thinks she “knows”, and in this, knows nothing. She can also here find herself ungrounded and ineffective in the world, alienating herself from others, and tripping over her own efforts toward Realization.

When in her center, when willing to embrace or give-up everything, when truly listening, responding, and evolving, Priestess is the shape-shifting embodiment of the entire pantheon of archetypes. She is the potential of every frequency realized, every color, every chakra open and balanced. She is Kundalini unbound, the winged serpent, the Dragon that weaves through all elements…. Breathes fire, spirals through water, shakes the Earth, and dances through clouds. She is the eye of the storm… She is light and dark, shadow illuminated. And believe it or not… She is YOU.

We are indeed that big, that powerful, that devastatingly beautiful… such is the potential of all beings. And the rebirth of the Priestess is required NOW, in awakened flesh on planet Earth. Do you accept the challenge? It will cost you everything, and provide you with infinity at your fingertips, pulsing through your veins… So long as you hold it with open hand. You are the chalice. You are the blade. You are the savior…. and you are the saved. Spread your wings, o spiraling serpent, spread them wide…

So lets stop and smell the roses, dance them over our skin, and alchemize them through our unique beings into our own particular sweet perfume of this one, blessed, vibrant life!

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