Muladhara (“Foundation”); Root

In this world of cement and electricity, can you still feel the Earth pulsing her song through your flesh? Can you still feel what it means to be fully alive in skin, a mere interconnected, holographic cell of this vast and complex planet? Do you remember that however evolved we become, the Animal still lives within us, and will find a way to be known and heard? Have you befriended this Animal, and listened deeply to its wisdom?

One could argue that the Animal, instinctual, Earth connected aspect of ourselves is indeed the primary foundational facet of our humanity that has been thrown out of balance, literally demonized, and exploited. It is the central root of the tangled knot currently residing in the human mind/body continuum, and once we are able to loosen and untangle this root, we can then unweave the entire knot. This archetype so deeply challenges the human psyche in this modern world because we have not created a balanced place for it to exist and be reintegrated. In its repressed expression, or “Disassociated” Dynamic Ally, we have deemed this animalistic, raw, sexual, and instinctual part of ourselves as inhumane, under evolved, or even downright evil. This perspective has literally severed our connection to our deepest foundation and source of power, the Earth, and demonized the feminine principals of the manifest world (Shakti). In its counter expression of imbalance, some have adopted the reactive form of this archetype, the “Savage” Dynamic Ally, who has become fear based, violent and greedy, and through this suffers from a multifaceted cycle of inner/outer rape and destruction.

So in this Now, it is imperative that we find our way back to our Primal center. She is raw and sources her power from the Earth, she is deep and knows the truth of life and death, she can dive into and through the reality of blood, pain, and sorrow. She knows how to feed and defend herself, how to fully embody her primal sexual impulses, and she knows what she wants and where she will say “no”. It is time we, once again as our ancestors had done, intentionally embody and express our Primal urges. It is time that we honor the Earth and our animal totems (that are indeed aspects of self), and allow ourselves to feel this vulnerable, sensory, and essential pulse of life that is in fact inseparable from our humanness. It is time we welcome the wise Serpent back into the garden of Eden and celebrate this glorious remembering!

So lets stop and smell the roses, dance them over our skin, and alchemize them through our unique beings into our own particular sweet perfume of this one, blessed, vibrant life!

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