Private Sessions & Transformational Retreats

“Only from the heart can you reach the sky. The Rose of Glory can grow only from the heart.” ~Rumi

Talk therapy can only take us so far in our infinite journey of integration, as the cognititve realm of the brain/language only contains a small part of our wholistic experience. Our bodies, on the other hand, serve us as an amazing 3rd dimensional, physical map of our overarching energetic and psychic bodies, and thus provide us with an invaluable opportunity to experience thorough and sustainable inner alchemy. In this physical domain we can tangibly and consciously unearth shadow materials and traumas in order to release their blockages, re-pattern ourselves, and realize the purity of our authentic wholeness and potential.

The Omnique Method provides a potent and clear map for traversing our own unique expressions of the archetypal geometries of our humanity, and thus the ways in which we holographically manifest our reality and show up in the world. The various tools, meditations, embodiment practices, points of inquiry, and supplemental practices create this system as a bio-mystical technology for our feminine realization. Here we are able to heal our relationship to self, our family and community, our partner(s), our dharma, and our position in the world.

Many of these sessions can be offered in person, within the context of a solo or self-orchestrated small group (2-8 women) personal retreat at the Dakini Rose Gardens & Temple, on the phone, or via Skype.

The specific elements that can be woven into our personal time together can be:

– Soul Activation & Oracular Reflection Sessions

Many things can happen in these initial and ongoing sessions in which we hone in on the primary archetypes and approaches we will be working with for each person’s specific position in the hologram, receive transmissions from the archetypal realms, and set intentions for our work together.

– Archetypal Form Activations

Here we will work one on one with the OM Forms and your unique archetypal constellation, and the dance of their “Dynamic Allies” through movement, breath, and prayer. We will amplify the archetypes that have been repressed, and balance the archetypes that have been reactive, restoring a centered expression of your pantheon of players.

– Oracular Dance Transmissions

Offered by Monique as the ancient role and service of Temple Dancer, as a frequency activation for the specific individual receiving the transmission.

– Personalized Daily Practice Prescriptions 

To establish and ground in your own unique daily embodiment and meditation practice.

– Temple Fusion, Bellydance, and/or Odissi dance technique private lessons

– Edge Prescriptions

To establish other “homework” life practices, explorations, and practical tasks for activating the repressed or imbalanced aspects of self. In this we will create clear and safe containers for expanding our boundaries and facing our fears, as well as adjusting and refining our habitualized patterns.

– Serpent healings and dance activations

Done in person at the Dakini Rose Temple with our resident albino red-tail boa serpent, Angelique Ferrocia, and facilitated by Monique.

Shamanic Ceremony sessions

This is advanced work for women who are ready to dive deeper into the depths of their psyche, shadow materials, and a direct connection to Source. Inquire with me directly for more information.

Packages & Rates

*Free Initial 20 Minute alignment session (to determine our alignment to work together)

*Single session (1.5-2 hours): $133

*Series of 3 sessions (weekly or monthly): $350

*Dakini Rose Gardens Transformational Immersion: Starting at $633

1-8 women, 3-14 days

(Timeline, focus, and elements determined in the initial 20 minute session and throughout the unfolding immersion.)

Includes on-site lodging in one of our two Airbnb Cottage spaces (must check Cottage schedule for date availability at the below listed Aribnb link), 2 in person daily sessions in the Temple in any of the above modalities, access to the onsite bathhouse and other facilities, facilitation of other local activities (visit to the Wellsprings and/or Goddess Temple, Japanese bath house, outdoor activities, community events and beyond), optional Temple massage or Shamanic Ceremony add-ons upon request, and 1-2 post Immersion integrative phone check in calls.

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Contact Monique at to set up a personalized program that will work for your intentions and lifestyle. We are currently booking sessions and solo or group retreats for Summer/Fall 2017.