Vishuddha (“Pure”); Throat

In a world where power is used in service to self behind veils of puppets and slogans, can you access a power that exists beyond condition and expectation, in service only to Truth? In a world where the image of success is distorted by airbrushes and digital dollar signs, can you find your own soul voice, unwaivered by trend and the fleeting promise of belonging? At a time where Truth is flipped upside down, diminished, and disguised, can you still offer it’s song bold and clear, if only to the wind? In a war-ridden global condition splattered with broken Kings and lost souls, can you emanate the wisdom of the ancient Queendom with vivacious strength and unrelenting compassion?

The archetype of the Queen is resurrected from the cremation grounds of the Lover where fire and water are alchemized into union. She is the phoenix that is born from the dissolution of the image of self through the awakening of the unitive heart. She holds the staff of the celestial realms, planted deeply into the soil of the Earth. She is the power of the word, the knowledge of self that is harvested from the death of egoic attachment, the regality that is born from a deep commitment to service, the strength of character that arises from the ability to slay one’s own demons, and the sovereignty that is realized through the embracing of one’s collective aloneness. The Queen demands and coerces nothing, but inspires her Will in the world gracefully through her integrated efficacy and wisdom of the law of cause and effect. Her presence alone speaks volumes of coherency, vibrating chaos and illusion into illuminated resonance. The Queen leads through example, expresses her ferocious heartful Beauty fearlessly, and orchestrates the choir of reality through her authentic connection with, and respect for, all beings.

In the dynamic dance of life, the Queen can sometimes slip into the domains of her “Dynamic Ally” expressions for the benefit of informative contrast. Her repressive expression lingers in self-doubt, insecurity, and lack of clear voice and directed purpose. Here she is easily coerced into the storylines of others, is pulled from her true dharma, and becomes dependent on external forces for her validation and livelihood. On the flip side of the coin, when in her reactive form the Queen becomes overtaken by the addiction for domination, becomes the dictator fighting upstream, attempts to manipulate and control, and believes she is entitled to do so in her isolation from the rest of the world. In this domain of fear, the Queen generally ends up creating exactly what she is attempting to repress or project onto others, and through this dance this false image of power will undoubtedly eventually collapse.

True, sustained power is sourced from a deep wisdom of the Tao, rooted in a warrioress’ trust. The Queen standing in this center of Power raises up herself automatically as she intentionally raises up the Whole. The impeccability and potency of her word is nothing short of the Magick of creation itself. She has the power to move worlds, and does so with a joyful responsibility to elevate the One Heart. She is Grace embodied, she is Mother and Wife of the God-King.

The Queen in her wholeness is being called upon at this time. She has the power to rebalance the world, not through force, but through clarity of presence, Will, and Word. It is time to sing her to life, imbue our beings with her crystalline resonance, and reclaim our true power. May we fall at her feet and bow to her brow, broken open by her penetrating stare of Devotion.

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