By Monique Trinity Rose

Article written for “From the Hip” magazine, December 2015 Issue

As the tide turns

in the dawn of a new era,

we are experiencing

the Rebirth of the Devadasi.

A modern and timeless,

sovereign and universal

temple dancer, yogini, songstress, poet, and servant of the divine

respectfully honoring and integrating sacred lineages from around the world,

birthing a new and ancient medicine

of intentional, alchemical embodiment

through the Beauty Way of the Heart.

In reverence and devotion, we offer this dance of remembering,

as we leave behind all concepts of duality,

reclaim the innocence of wholeness,

and birth who WE are becoming.



There is a palpable evolution of consciousness occurring on our planet and within our species in these highly potent times. Whether we consciously recognize it or not, we are all experiencing this alchemical process from our own unique fractal perspective, on the microcosm of our personal story lines to the macrocosm of humanity as a whole and beyond. And within this process, as the frequency rises we are each being asked to look deeply into the essence of our beings, recognize and refine what is essential to us and why we are here, and what we are prepared to let go of in order to realize our gifts. This process is no small feat, and requires a true embrace of unrealized depths of courage within our beings and a willingness to seek Truth beyond the programs we have thus far allowed inform us. It requires a boundless and sometimes playful curiosity, as well as a profound humility that is a prerequisite for our own dissolution into rebirth. With the world we once knew, a world largely based upon lies and illusion, burning before our very eyes, there is simply no more time to waste avoiding this necessary inquiry.

This process of rebirth is occurring within every dimension of our existence, and within every community and sub-sect of our species. We are seeing pioneers in science and modern physics, the engineers and architects of our world, integrated psychologists and holistic medicine people pioneering new understandings of our potential and birthing new forms of ancient technologies to catalyze the rebirth of our world on the very brink of destruction. A dance of mythic proportions is under way as we spiral our way through Kali’s birth canal into a new era of inter dimensional communion with a world of magic and infinite possibility beyond our wildest dreams.

And we, in our sweet community of contemporary world fusion bellydance in its infinite varieties, are no exception from this process. We are experiencing an integration of every possible form and lineage of movement and embodiment practices into the exploration of each our own personal dance vocabulary. These unique expressions then echo out into our community, informing each others expressions and evolving our understanding of what we are doing and why many of us devote our lives to do what we do. Through this inquiry, as well as the overarching trials and fires that are burning through each of our lives at this time, many of us have come to a place of seeking for something beyond the transitory fulfillment of the glamor of the stage. We have felt in our hearts that though play, celebration, and technical cultivation of our art brings a certain level of empowerment, discipline, and devotion, this empowerment is often temporary, conditional, and sabotaged by our own incessant ego attachments to some idea of achievement or success. As a lifelong trained dancer, I have left the world of dance altogether for a few shorts periods of my life due to my disenchantment with the politics, competition, and overall shadow plays riddled within the world of performance art. This hunger for something nurturing and connected to a reality beyond the mirage is what initially brought me to the communities and cultivation of various traditional world dances, yogas, and what we call Tribal Fusion bellydance. I quickly found that in many modern arenas of these practices, under the surface exists the same, and yet more artfully veiled, underlying ego dances that I found in the more mainstream veins of art and culture I had previously explored. Again, I found myself seeking for new layers of truth and a deeper understanding of why I am drawn to this path of expression. I knew there was a medicine in it that I had yet to fully unearth.

From similar places within this inquiry, many of us within our global bellydance community are beginning to integrate the technologies of various lineages of yoga and meditation, temple dances and practices from around the world, priestess lineages, ritual components, intuitive archetypal embodiment, and prayer within the context of our technical dance training. We are exploring the ways in which this integration can create a more rich and meaningful experience for both the dancer and the witness, and redefine our relationship to our hopefully ever more conscious intentions behind our practice. If this journey of experimentation is explored with an earnest and humble heart, it has the potential to organically transform not only our art, but the very essence of our beings.

After several years of exploring the possibilities within this artful alchemy by teaching, holding ceremony, and producing and directing our Dakini Rose Temple dance company, events, shows, and “Rebirth of the Devadasi” ceremonial transmissions, I am now personally in yet again a new juncture of deep inquiry and rebirthing within my understanding and relationship to this journey that we call modern temple dance. Here, my dear community, is a humble, ever evolving synopsis of what I am discovering…

The depth of my personal temple dance exists outside of any limitations and contexts that I had previously relied on. My temple dance is an offering to source, to devi, to the beloved, to the embodied experiential realization of my higher self, to God/Goddess in all her names, and expresses itself in as many infinite forms as the Great Mystery itself. Though sometimes linear and specific, though sometimes highly refined and codified, it needs no stage, studio, or physical external temple space to contain it. It exists in the breeze of a mountain top, on the sands of the ocean waves, within my breath as I sit on the pillow before my bedroom altar, in the song I offer to my garden, in the petting of my cat, the rocking of my child, the sweet kisses with my lover, on the marble of the silent temple ruins, on the stage as musicians lure us all into ecstasy, circling the mother giving birth and serenading the grandmother crossing the veils… My temple dance needs no external validation, knows better than to fall into the illusion of comparison and the lust of result, and is willing to break any rule, categorization, or compartmentalization standing between it and the dynamic unfolding of Truth. My temple dance continuously offers all my ideas of self onto the altar of our collective transformation, until the “I” I once knew has dissolved into the servitude and equipoise of Love itself. My temple dance is indeed not mine at all, but Hers. Yours. Ours. It is offered in the fragrant flower petals spilling from the gentle strength of my open hands…


“Let go and breathe… There is only one of us here.” whispered the murti as the light danced on her brow.


Onward into the mystery of this dynamic journey of the rebirthing devadasi…



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